Babesburgh Bash: a festival for celebrating women

Babesburgh Bash, Pittsburgh’s first women-focused festival, will be June 29 from 3 to 8 p.m. at Allegheny Landing Park on the North Shore — and there’s a Mt. Lebanon connection behind the scenes.

Babesburgh organizers Cat Bruno, Carla Clipper and Leigh Frank /Photo courtesy of Babesburgh

Carla Clipper, Mayfair Drive, is a board member of Babesburgh, the organization behind Babesburgh Bash. Babesburgh connects women from different communities and cultures through a variety of get-togethers including social mixers, wellness workshops, networking events and educational panels. Babesburgh Bash is the newest iteration of connecting women, on a much larger scale.

“I’m most excited about connecting with the local women-owned businesses,” said Clipper, who also organizes the Mt. Lebanon Partnership’s Uptown Farmers Market.

Bash attendees can shop at a women-owned marketplace and farmers market, sample healthy food and locally-crafted drinks, work up a sweat in fitness and self-defense classes, relax with self-care sessions, enjoy art and musical performances, and much more.

Babesburgh, a women-focused festival, is coming soon on June 29 at Allegheny Landing Park. /Photo courtesy of Babesburgh

Cat Bruno, executive director of Babesburgh, gathered inspiration for the women-focused festival when she worked for Barrel and Flow Festival, an annual event that showcases Black-owned breweries, artists and small businesses. In July 2023, Bruno shared the concept with Clipper, and she was immediately on board. Less than a year later, the idea is now reality. When planning activities and events, Clipper said the 10-person board always keeps this question in mind: “If you could spend a day with your closest friends what would you want to do?”

For ticket information and a full lineup of food and drink, activities, music and vendors, visit