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You wouldn’t think a young couple’s first foray into the world of gardening would include a massive construction job – or, at least, what felt like one. (I’m sure skilled carpenters and construction professionals would laugh at my use of the word massive).

I’m not a fan of gardening. I can barely remember to eat during the day, let alone be responsible for providing sustenance to another living thing. Do I enjoy fragrant flowers and fresh herbs? Sure. But I was fairly certain that when we purchased a house with a backyard as large as a cemetery plot, we weren’t going to try to keep anything alive in it. I wanted no responsibility in my yard beyond sitting on the patio, grilling food, and allowing our dog to “utilize” the grass. Plus, the previous owners had left behind some roses for us to eventually kill…wasn’t that enough?

My husband, however, was adamant about one thing: mint. Lots of it. He wanted to grow fresh mint “for tasty summer beverages” and, what, fresher breath? Who knows. I told him that if he planned to grow anything edible out there, he was going to need to build a wall around it – one that stood higher than the lift of a dog’s leg. Beyond that, if the dog could jump into our car, he could certainly jump over some puny barricade.

And here it is: Chiodo photo 1 A two-foot-tall walled garden that keeps the dog out, as well as rain and sunlight, and possibly invading Vikings. But, it’s what I asked for. Chiodo photo 2

Bless my husband’s heart. He built this fortress with his bare hands (mostly because our power drill doesn’t hold a charge). He worked VERY hard, and it pleased me so. I decided to get in the spirit. I planted my favorites: cilantro, dill and chives. And there was the mint, lest we forget. We also added catmint (take that, dog!) and goldenrod to woo the all the purdy butterflies. Chiodo photo 3

It’ll probably be fall before anything grows tall enough for us to enjoy views of, but I’m happy with it – and happy that my husband remembers to water it. The dog senses somehow that he’s not a part of our endeavor and I think it bothers him. Tough. Mushroom manure is the only kind that belongs in there. Chiodo photo 4


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