Coffee and Kindness

Messages reminding people to “Be Kind” and “Be grateful for what you have” adorned cups at Uptown Coffee Tuesday.

The bright, colorful cup sleeves were creations from students at Markham Elementary in honor of World Down Syndrome Day.

Three to-go coffee cups with colorful sleeves.
To-go cups at Uptown Coffee were adorned with special drawings.

“They’re so cute. They’re making everyone’s day better. They’re a nice surprise for people coming in today,” said barista Amanda Scheeser.

Fliers hanging in the shop provided a QR code to the Down Syndrome Association of Pittsburgh’s website.

“I think it’s just to show support for them and celebrate everybody as an individual,” Scheeser said.

In total, there were roughly 1,000 sleeves decorated, baristas said.

Patrons were loving the addition to their morning cup of coffee, said Matalee Petersen, Central Square.

“Kids even come up and say they drew them and, fingers crossed, they were hoping they’d get their own (design),” Petersen said. “It put a smile on a lot of people’s faces today.”