Editor’s Note


ne in five Mt. Lebanon residents is 65 or older. But the truth is, we don’t know what to call that age group. The most often used term, “senior citizen,” sounds so pejorative, like age is the only thing we use for their label. The phrase “OK, Boomer” has turned a previously popular age-group term into a slur. Even most of my friends and family have eschewed being called “Grandma” or “Grandpa,” preferring instead nicknames like “Glamma,” “Mimi,” “PapaDave” and “GiGi.”

People 65 and older are among the biggest contributors to our positive quality of life in Mt. Lebanon. Topics like pandemics and civil unrest? They have lived through it and have stories to tell. They are extremely active and are frequent users of our recreation facilities and events and they are integral parts of our library programs. So many of them work (please don’t say “still work”) and those who don’t work for money often spend just as much time volunteering.

Speaking of volunteering, many people 65 and over are on our municipal boards and authorities, helping to advise the commissioners when they make important legislative decisions. And although our current commission is on the youthful side, historically, the commission has been well represented by the older demographic. One former commissioner, Mary Larsen, was our first elected female commissioner decades ago and died this spring at age 97. She is Mt. Lebanon’s Volunteer of the Year for 2020.

Our walkable community makes it easy for those with limited mobility to get out and about and our culture of block parties are inclusive of all ages, even if we save the water balloon toss for the kiddos. In Mt. Lebanon, we don’t grow older; we grow smarter, more open-minded and more active in ways we only dreamed about when we were raising kids.

Mt. Lebanon also has many facilities, including independent and assisted living communities, that help us retain our residents age 65 and older. Read about the Baptist Homes Society’s special anniversary.

While you’re there, peruse our Senior Living Guide, with lots of great resources for, shall we say, teenagers with experience!

So it’s with respect and gratitude that we dedicate this issue to our residents age 65 and older, even if we don’t know what you’d like to be called as a group. I would love to hear your preferences.

Laura Pace Lilley, Editor in Chief
lpace@mtlebanon.org / 412-343-3552

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