Markham Elementary Named Fire Safety Champs

Markham Elementary fifth-graders pose with the Fire Safety Champions belt, physical education teacher Shelby Misencik, Mt. Lebanon Fire Department Lt. Kris Siegert and Mt. Lebanon Fire Dept. Lt. Josh Sadowy.

Fifth-graders at Markham Elementary have something to brag about. They’re the winners of this year’s Fire Safety Champions belt, awarded by the Mt. Lebanon Fire Department.

Each year, Mt. Lebanon School District fifth-graders test their knowledge of the fire safety lessons taught by the Mt. Lebanon Fire Department by taking a 50-question multiple choice test. In addition to winning prizes, the goal is to make sure the kids know how to react to and prevent fire emergencies. The school with the highest average is awarded the Fire Safety Champions belt, which passes from school to school each year.

At an assembly on March 9, Lt. Kris Siegert introduced Lt. Josh Sadowy to present the award to students gathered in Markham’s gymnasium. “Who did I say would come to your house if you needed help?” Siegert asked, as Sadowy appeared.

Markham Elementary fifth graders Kalina Lazarova and Vincent McGonigle pose with the Fire Safety Champions belt.

The average score among all Lebo fifth-graders this year was 85 percent, with Markham students scoring 91 percent. Kalina Lazarova and Vincent McGonigle, who achieved perfect scores, were presented with the belt to share with their fellow classmates.  “Cool,” McGonigle said.