Memorial Day Ceremony Planned

Police men standing at attention at Memorial day service, American flag being raised


eterans Day is a day to remember everyone who ever wore a uniform. Memorial Day honors  the ones who never made it home. The weather’s usually spectacular, which makes the remembrance of the sacrifices that much more poignant. So, come uptown and watch the parade; drink a beer or two; fire up the grill; toss the Frisbee around; but remember. 

Mt. Lebanon’s Memorial Day celebration begins at 8:30 a.m. with a service at the Veterans’ Memorial on Cedar Boulevard. Guest speaker is U.S. Army Col. (retired) Carmen Digiacomo. A parade follows, ending in Mt. Lebanon Cemetery. 

Sparkey the dog, Fire department mascot, giving high five to person during memorial day parade

Mt. Lebanon blue devil marching band at Memorial day parade 2022

Vietnam veterans riding in army car in parade, people on the sidelines smiling

Boy scout leader holding american flag and kids following in memorial day parade 2022

WWII actors firing a cannon, smoke flying, people holding their ears

Photos by Ken Lager