Mt. Lebanon Police Department

A crossing guard holding up a stop sign in front of a crosswalk with kids walking by wearing masks.Chief Aaron Lauth

555 Washington Rd.

Pittsburgh, PA



Always Open

PH: 412-343-4016


From every call for service to everyday interactions with citizens on the street, the Mt. Lebanon Police Department strives to work with the community and provide the highest level of service possible.

The Mt. Lebanon Police Department consists of 46 sworn officers. Police Chief Aaron Lauth is at the helm of the department, which consists of 32 patrol officers, a canine, and investigative services, traffic services, community outreach units and school crossing guards.

Over the last year, the department has adjusted, using technology to better meet the needs of Mt. Lebanon residents, sometimes limiting exposure to keep both officers and citizens safe. Mt. Lebanon police thank you for your patience as restrictions have changed over the last year. Additional information can be found at

CALL 911

whenever you need to see or speak with a police officer, even if it is a non-emergency situation. The call taker will record your information and an officer will be dispatched to your location or contacted to return your call.

Traffic Assessment

If there are ongoing, repeat traffic issues within your neighborhood that you would like the Mt. Lebanon Police Department to review, call 412-343-4086 or email  to be added to the Traffic Assessment List. You will receive a response indicating the traffic concern has been added to the list for police to review.

The Mt. Lebanon Police Department utilizes the three E’s—Engineering, Education and Enforcement—when addressing traffic concerns. First, officers will determine if there is a need for changes to be made that could include anything from trimming bushes to redesigning signage. The engineering phase could include studies, with data gathered from the department’s mobile speed trailer. If studies warrant an engineering solution, the issue will be brought before the Traffic Safety Board.

Officers also will work to educate drivers to help improve the situation. This could include anything from social media posts to talking with residents to enforcement.


On-street parking is prohibited in Mt. Lebanon between 2 and 6 a.m.

If you have a guest planning to spend the night, or other special circumstances, visit to request special permission. Other parking applications also can be found on the site.

You can also visit for updated information regarding the payment or appeal of a parking ticket and information about purchasing a permit to park in one of the municipality’s garages or lots.


Mt. Lebanon police want to keep you safe and informed. Officers strive for community engagement by offering a variety of programs and services. Contact the department’s Community Outreach Unit at 412-343-4068 for a child safety seat inspection, or if you have a group of Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts looking for a Public Safety Center tour to learn more about the department’s role in the community.

Security Assessments: The department will send an officer to your home or business and make suggestions for ways you can improve security to minimize the potential for criminal activity. Suggestions could include installing remote cameras, to improving locks on your windows or removing bushes to provide a better line of sight. Call 412-343-4068 to set up an appointment.

Child Safety Seat: An officer can inspect and teach you how to properly install your child seat. Call 412-343-4068 for information or to set up an appointment.

Fingerprinting: During these times of restriction, the Mt. Lebanon Police Department is referring people in need of fingerprinting for job applications to the Pennsylvania State Police or fingerprinting service IdentoGO. You can contact the Mt. Lebanon Police Department’s Investigative Services Unit at 412-343-4095 to find out if appointments have resumed. Charges apply.

Megan’s Law: View the Megan’s Law registry of sex offenders at Those who are required to register as a sex offender do so through the Pennsylvania State Police.

Police reports: If you’re seeking a copy of a police report,  call 412-343-4143 to make the request. There is a $15 charge for most reports. A subpoena is required for reports where an arrest has been made. Under no circumstances will a juvenile’s information be released.

Vacation Cards: If you’re headed away and want officers to be aware, while providing them with emergency contacts for your residence, visit the rear lobby in the Public Safety Center and use the phone in the entryway to contact officers and fill out a card.

Animal Control: The South Hills Cooperative Animal Control (SHCAC) employs full-time officers who respond to calls for wild animals, stray and lost pets, animal-related ordinance violations and humane animal concerns. The hours are 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekends. For animal issues, call 911. If an issue is urgent after-hours, dispatchers will send the police.

Look Up Lebo

If you’re crossing the street, whether on foot or by bike, don’t forget to look up and make sure you have a clear path to safely make it to your destination. Mt. Lebanon launched the Look Up Lebo campaign in 2016, which also follows the three fundamental components of traffic safety: Engineering, Education and Enforcement.

Mt. Lebanon is a walking community, which means pedestrians, cyclists and drivers must all coexist on the roadways. Don’t assume others will stop for you. Pedestrians, while they typically have the right of way once they enter a crosswalk, also are required by the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code to ensure conditions are safe before attempting to cross the street. Simply put: Pay attention and look up.

Lock It Up Lebo

Don’t forget to lock your vehicle, take all valuables (that includes your keys!) inside. Take measures to prevent access to your home by closing and locking doors.