mt. lebanon village

Martin and Sorlee Chetlin had looked into a variety of retirement living options, but they really loved the house on Academy Place where they have lived since 1967. “Our lifetime is here,” says Martin, 84. So when he and Sorlee, 79, heard about Mt. Lebanon Village, with a primary mission of keeping seniors in their homes as long as possible, it was a natural fit. “We love our house, and our yard is a treasure,” Martin says. “We have all that we need right here. We just need not to vegetate.”

Martin is no longer able to drive because of macular degeneration. Sorlee is the designated driver, but between yoga and tennis at the Mt. Lebanon Recreation Center, and a regular Friday morning beauty shop appointment, there are times when Martin needs a ride—to a lecture at the library or a Pittsburgh Banjo Club performance, a service Mt. Lebanon Village provides. He and his wife also enjoy the social opportunities they find through the Village. They already had a good circle of friends, but since becoming Village members, they have another circle. “We have a variety of interests,” Martin says, “and the different kinds of people we meet add interest to our lives.”

A retired architect, Martin did graduate work in elderly housing, back in 1955. “Back then, it was just ‘get ’em on public transportation, or send ’em to live with their children,’” he says with a chuckle. “Things are so different now. This [Mt. Lebanon Village] is a really worthwhile concept.”