Outreach Teen & Family Services


Outreach is on the move, both literally and figuratively! Our office is now located in the Executive Building, 615 Washington Road, on the Terrace Level. We are very excited to be in a new space and are grateful to those who have made this possible, including Bob’s Discount Furniture Foundation for providing a gift card to purchase all new furniture for three of our counseling rooms, and a generous donor for furnishing another room. 

Our incredibly caring therapists have been supporting clients throughout the pandemic by implementing teletherapy, which will continue to be a resource for those in need, even as we start back to in-person sessions. 

Parents calling for help nowadays tell us they don’t understand what has happened to their normally happy kiddo. The pandemic has deeply affected the mental health of many of us, as well as our children. You can count on Outreach and our team of professional therapists to continue to provide counseling, care and connection each and every day!  

We are fortunate to live in a community that values youth and families, supporting mental health and wellness and their ever-changing needs.  

Our new Strategic Initiative, Outreach 5.0, in honor of our 50th Anniversary in 2024, includes new mission and vision statements which reflect some of the additional programs and expansion efforts we have planned for the next several years. We plan to address the unique needs of families, parents, teens and kids, now and into the future, supporting all the challenges throughout the ages and stages of life.

At Outreach, our vision is for every child, teen and family in the communities we serve to thrive. What that means is unique to every person. It could mean individual counseling. Perhaps it means educational programs, webinars and presentations; or specific coaching opportunities or even parent consultations. Maybe it means all these things. 

The launch of our subscription series in July of 2021 ensures access to unique and custom-designed educational webinars, presentations and programs that address and support the ever-changing needs of our kids, teens and families. 

As we expand our library of webinars/presentations and podcasts, there will be an RFP located prominently on our website, so if you have expertise that would benefit families, you can apply to be a part of the resources provided through the subscription series. 

Our junior board members are discussing ideas for a youth-focused podcast, which will also launch in the summer of 2021, and are recruiting fellow students for a youth steering committee. 

New programs on the horizon include parenting classes as well as suicide prevention training for schools and youth leaders.

The final part of Outreach 5.0 includes the endowment initiative, which seeks to raise funds to provide professional development opportunities for our talented therapists; ensure we have funds for subsidized counseling for any client walking through our door; and identify new and exciting programs. Please consider joining your amazing group of neighbors who have already invested in the future of Outreach! Find out more on our website!

At Outreach, we provide affordable and accessible connection, education, counseling, and coaching to children, teens and families through safe, caring, responsive, confidential professional therapists supported by dedicated community advocates. 

We look forward to serving your family for many years to come! 


Outreach Teen & Family Services is a nonprofit, confidential counseling service. We offer programs to youth ages 5 to 21, parents and families, in a welcoming, supportive environment. www.outreachteen.org. 412-561-5405. This column is partially underwritten by the Mt. Lebanon Police Association.