Public Safety

Meet Mt. Lebanon Police Department’s two newest officers, Dominique Martinez and Jacob Tappe. 

Officer Dominique Martinez

Martinez comes to Mt. Lebanon with a degree in criminal justice from Robert Morris University. While completing his undergraduate degree, he focused on helping those who are less fortunate, going on multiple mission trips to help rebuild homes and feed the homeless in areas affected by major storms, such as Hurricane Katrina. 

Martinez joined the Mt. Lebanon Police Department in November, 2021, and subsequently attended the police academy and underwent field training, before becoming a patrol officer this November. 

“Mt. Lebanon police have had a reputation of being some of the most well trained and intelligent officers in all of Allegheny County, largely through the support of our residents,” he said. “Having an opportunity to be a part of such an influential organization was just something I could not pass up.” 

In his spare time, Martinez enjoys exercising, cooking and deep sea fishing. He also dedicates a lot of his free time to learning as much as he can about Mt. Lebanon and the intricacies of being a police officer. 

Officer Jacob Tappe

Tappe comes to Mt. Lebanon with a bachelor’s degree in criminology and a minor in forensic bioscience from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he later attended the police academy and received his Act 120 certification. While receiving his education, Tappe played on numerous men’s volleyball teams, receiving multiple awards within the sport. He also received an academic scholarship. 

After going through Mt. Lebanon’s field training program, Tappe became a patrol officer this November. 

“I want to be a Mt. Lebanon police officer because of the tight-knit community that it is,” he said. “The department’s good reputation within the community has been a driving factor as to why I want to be a Mt. Lebanon police officer.”  

In his spare time, Tappe likes to golf, exercise and spend time with his family.  


Frozen streets Be on the lookout for black ice. As the weather continues to chill, remember that colder temperatures and wet roads can be a bad mix. You might find yourself slipping and sliding when you least expect it. Drive slowly and always be prepared. 

Clean the entire car As you clean the mounds of snow off the windshield, don’t forget the roof, rear view mirrors and even the hood of your car. Not only will clearing your entire car help keep you safe, it’s also the law. 

Delivery time Boxes upon boxes of holiday presents likely will fill your porch this season. Don’t leave packages outside for long periods of time. If you’re not going to be home, ask someone to bring them inside. 

Safe celebrating Putting the tree up and decorating it is lots of fun, but remember to keep your live trees watered. Dried-out trees can catch fire easily. 

And once the holiday season is over, get rid of your tree in a timely manner. If there’s a significant amount of needles dropping from the tree, that means it’s probably time to say goodbye. 

Mt. Lebanon partners with Waste Management for two curbside tree recycling pickups each January. Check for dates.  

Battery charge the right way Did Santa bring your kid a battery-powered toy? The Mt. Lebanon Fire Department wants to remind you not to leave lithium ion batteries unattended while charging. It’s even recommended that you charge the batteries outside, if possible. Be sure to use the cord provided by the manufacturer. 

Don’t drink and drive It’s that simple. Headed to a party and want to enjoy a tasty beverage? Call a ride-sharing service. Make sure that you, your loved ones and everyone around you gets home safely. 

MRTSA Subscription Drive Medical Rescue Team South Authority has launched its 2023 subscription program. A membership helps to reduce the cost of an ambulance ride by 50 percent. The billing for ambulance service can be as much as $1,500. Members will pay only half that cost. Residents and business owners can purchase an individual membership for $60, household membership for $80 or business membership for $100. This annual program generates revenue for MRTSA, but more importantly, provides a layer of financial protection for those in their time of need.

For details and to sign up, visit or call 412-343-5111.

Photos: Judy Macoskey