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St. Clair outpatient therapy suite

Rehabilitation plays a key role in recovery from injury, surgery or illness. Physical therapy (PT) is for conditions that affect function, movement or range of motion. Occupational therapy (OT) focuses on helping reestablish fine and gross motor skills to help perform daily living tasks. And speech therapy (ST) helps patients regain swallowing ability and also works to improve recovery from speech and language disorders.

A combination of the two—or even all three together—can strengthen your comeback.

“They have different objectives, but the therapies often complement each other in advancing recovery,” says Lauren Cerqua, Manager of Therapy Services at St. Clair Health.

PT, OT and ST can also help patients recover from a stroke. The experienced therapists at St. Clair Health collaborate on a plan for each individual.

“We’re driven by a multi-service mindset,” Lauren says. “To get it right for every patient, every time to the best of our ability—and no two cases are exactly the same.”

Outpatient Rehabilitation at St. Clair Health

St. Clair Health Village Square Outpatient Center provides personalized rehabilitation care across the full spectrum of patient needs, including hand therapy, women’s health and lymphedema treatment.

To expand that level of care, St. Clair built a brand new, state-of-the-art rehabilitation suite inside Dunlap Family Outpatient Center—a larger, more functional space that’s packed with thoughtful details.

Through extensive planning and research, the suite has been designed to create an optimal environment for patients and staff alike to work on recovery while offering advanced equipment. And because the science behind rehab is constantly evolving, the space is designed to grow and adapt.

“The only way all of the advanced tools and techniques work to their full potential is to have the right people behind them who truly care about each patient,” Lauren says.

To schedule an appointment at the Village Square Outpatient Center call 412.942.7122. Dunlap Family Outpatient Center can be reached at 412.942.4060.