St. Clair Checkup

Ashley M. Blazewick, PharmD, Registered Pharmacy Manager, pulls medicine from a shelf inside St. Clair Health's Dunlap Family Outpatient Center's onsite Walgreens pharmacy.
Ashley M. Blazewick, PharmD, Registered Pharmacy Manager of the Walgreens Onsite Pharmacy inside St. Clair Health’s Dunlap Family Outpatient Center / Photo: Rich Waters

It’s critical to get hospital patients the right medication as efficiently as possible so they can concentrate on recovery, not tracking down prescriptions. To ease the transition from hospital care to home life, St. Clair Health has partnered with Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy to offer the new MedsInHand™ program.

Offered through the Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy located within Dunlap Family Outpatient Center, the MedsInHand program makes hospital discharges easier by saving patients a stop at the pharmacy on their way home. Whether you are an inpatient, same-day surgery patient, or emergency department patient, the program helps to ensure you have everything you need before leaving the hospital.

The Walgreens team will work directly with prescribers or will connect eligible patients with financial assistance to overcome any barriers they may experience in processing prescriptions quickly. Once your prescription is filled, a team member will deliver it to your bedside and provide medication counseling before discharge. Plus, they will follow up with you directly to address any questions and confirm you are using your medications properly.

Ashley M. Blazewick, Pharm. D., registered pharmacy manager of the Walgreens Onsite Pharmacy, says, “Altogether, the MedsInHand program works cohesively to help patients get well more quickly, which reduces the likelihood they will have to return to the hospital.”

Partnering with Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy is one of the many ways St. Clair Health provides personalized care close to home for both patients and the overall community. While the new MedsInHand program is only available to patients at the St. Clair Health main campus, community members are welcome to utilize the Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, to fulfill their prescription needs.

 For more information about the Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy and MedsInHand program, call 412.502.2863.