Editor’s Note: Safe at Home

When my son, Harrison, was a toddler, I used to tell him my No. 1 job was to keep him safe. My other job descriptions may have included helping him stay healthy and joyful, guiding him to find his life’s passion and to always be kind and polite, but none of that would have mattered if he wasn’t safe. And let’s face it, parents are villains when we tell toddlers to stop doing something gloriously fun even if we are sure it would have ended with an ER visit. So it was great to tell him I was just doing my job.

Mt. Lebanon provides a lot of life-enhancing (and property value-enhancing!) benefits, such as beautiful parks, fun recreation programs and memorable events that bring neighbors together. But one of the most important things we do is keep you safe. Whether staff is clearing streets of snow and ice, making sure our building codes protect you from substandard construction, educating you about how to manage your extension cords to avoid a house fire or patrolling the streets looking for drunk drivers, everyone who works here has your safety in mind.

Effective communication is one of the most important ways to keep you safe and that is now my No. 1 job. To that end, our public safety agencies have created LeboEmergency, powered by CodeRED, a new notification system that will alert you about life-threatening emergencies, and give you critical information to protect you and your family. Read all about it here. But the minute you put down this magazine and before you move on with your day, please sign up. The other skill I learned as a mother is the art of persistent reminding. OK. Nagging. Whatever works. Don’t make me stop this car.

Some of your neighbors are so dedicated to their jobs they do them all night long. (You’re singing Lionel Richie now, aren’t you?) Writer Katie Wagner got up early to research a story about what goes on in Mt. Lebanon before many of us have had our first cup of coffee.

When my son turned 18, I told him it was now his responsibility to make good decisions to keep himself safe. My No. 1 job for him now is to always be there, no matter what he needs. He seemed fine with that. You should know we are always here for you, too.