When the fun is over, you still need to shovel your sidewalk. Photo/ Sam Oshlag


NOW SEASON RETURNS The Farmers Almanac says this winter will be even colder and snowier than last year. Accuweather, on the other hand, is remaining more optimistic. However it shakes out, and we are pulling for Accuweather, there is a 100 percent chance that there will be a plentiful supply of snow to clear away. Snow removal is regulated by law. When we get an inch or more of snow or ice on sidewalks or paved public walkways, you have 24 hours to remove it or be subject to a citation. If you are a senior who needs help with shoveling snow, you can call Mt. Lebanon High School Chore Corps at 412-344-2105 or email Student volunteers will rake leaves and shovel snow for low-income seniors.

Additionally, let those plows through by keeping your car off the road between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. on days when we get an inch or more of snow or ice. Even if you previously received permission to park on the street, that permission is revoked when the plows need to get through.


KEEP IN TOUCH If you want to stay up to date with what’s happening around town, or if you want to alert Mt. Lebanon staff about problems or concerns, there are several ways to keep the lines of communication open.

LeboALERT is a free web-based emergency and non-emergency notification system.

In the case of a life-threatening emergency, Mt. Lebanon’s emergency management team will send a pre-recorded message to every resident’s phone number, using a list provided by Verizon specifically for that purpose—if your life is in danger, you’ll hear from the municipality whether you want to or not.

The non-emergency LeboALERTS, which you can easily subscribe to at, allow you to receive the same public safety information via your cell phone or email, so if you’re out and about, you can get the messages on the fly.

You can choose to receive any or all of 13 categories of LeboALERTs, including traffic, refuse, cancellations and closures, magazine updates, special events and library news. You can sign up for as many alerts as you want, and you can change your preferences regularly.

If you want to let someone know about a problem with potholes, broken streetlights or traffic signals, or other infrastructure problems, you can call the public works department, 412-343-3403, and leave a message, or you can use the MyLebo portal on the municipal website, You can also request sidewalk repair, repairs to municipal property and trimming of street trees.

my_leb0MyLebo allows you to do more than just report problems. You can pay a parking ticket, visit LeboStore to purchase tickets to municipal events, Mt. Lebanon wearing apparel and other merchandise, sign up for LeboAlerts (yes, there is a lot of Lebo), a text and email notification system, access municipal forms such as overnight parking requests and “no lien” letters, and apply for building, pool, block party and other permits.

If you see a problem and you’re not sure which department is responsible, call the public information office, 412-343-3407, and we will direct you to the right person.


LEARN SOME LOOPHOLES Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) is looking for volunteer tax preparers for the 2016 tax season. The IRS provides training, certification, and continuing support. Training classes are the week of December 8. For information contact Ray Fretterd at 412-341-8328 or

Volunteers will be available through April 15 to help prepare individual income tax returns for taxpayers who earn less than $52,000. No appointments are needed. For help, go to the Bible Chapel, 300 Gallery Drive in McMurray, Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. Taxpayers can receive assistance with federal, state and local wage tax returns and real estate/rent rebate and PACE applications. Please bring: W-2s, all 1099s, totals of itemized deductions (medical, taxes, charitable) and social security cards for you, your spouse and dependents. Also bring copies of your 2014 federal and state tax returns, real estate tax receipts and receipts for large purchases such as cars. Bring proof of identification for yourself and your spouse.