St. Clair Health

Two physicians at St. Clair Health
Jason M. Biggs, MD, Chair of Emergency Medicine and Jeffrey R. Hodges, RN, BSN, MHS, NEA-BC, Director of Emergency Services

Back in 2008, St. Clair Health expanded and redesigned the Emergency Department’s physical footprint to double its size, offering 46 beds to serve the community’s emergent needs. St. Clair Health continued to streamline industry-leading emergency services for more than a decade.

Even now, the data-driven organization analyzes every step of a patient’s journey in order to optimize their experience. It’s a commitment the Emergency Department takes very seriously.

“We don’t want you waiting one minute longer than absolutely necessary. That’s why we focus so hard on the elements that can cut wait time down, from global process improvements to working with the inpatient team and many others across St. Clair Health,” says Jason M. Biggs, MD, Chair of Emergency Medicine.

That thinking is driven by patient-centric efforts at every step—from getting patients into a room and in front of a physician as quickly as possible, to ensuring safety protocols are adhered to with the same attention to detail.

“When patients are able to move through the process more efficiently, we’re able to deliver more effective care. It’s better for everyone,” explains Dr. Biggs. “If we average 150 patients each day and shorten their wait time by 10 minutes, that’s 1,500 virtual minutes we can use to deliver additional emergent care to the community.”

While many patients visit the Emergency Department every day, Jeffrey R. Hodges, RN, BSN, MHS, NEA-BC, Director of Emergency Services, emphasizes that every single patient matters. He says, “Our goal is to treat you like family, so when you come to St. Clair Health, you’re not a number. We want you to think, ‘I must be the only person here,’ because you received such great attention and care.”

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